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When people ask me how I started writing, I cannot truly tell how the story started or what made me write this story instead of another.

First, my way of writing is hardly influenced by daily news, international affairs or political background. Sometimes a movie or a TV series gives me a hint, a direction for my thoughts and dreams and I come up with an idea.

Yet, the idea alone is nothing without the proper male and female main character. So the idea grows into a storyline with at least two persons in mind. Those characters need looks and background, a family, home, people they like, work and business.

The fun part for me has always been brainstorming. I like to sit with a fellow friend and a cup of great coffee and chat about the ways the story should take and throw away those ideas which don’t fit. Often, we laugh our butts off about silly turns and twists, but in the end the basic story is born. And I can start to flesh out characters, scenes, settings and else. Many difficulties will show up during that process, but in general a solution is found. Yes, sometimes characters take a right turn when I wanted a left, but, hey, either I catch him in time or I follow him that way and see where he leads me. Usually, a character has his reasons leaving the main part of the story…

I am lucky enough to say that my fellow friend has always followed my train of thought, has never wavered and has never been shocked by the ideas I offered. She’s been constantly constructive, always honest and the most joyful partner in crime a woman like me can call a friend.

If you have questions about writing, contact me. I’ll be happy to answer them.

If you have questions, please, send me an email. ( )

Blog January until June 2016

January until June 2016
Writing blogs has become some background task I don’t follow as constantly as I should. Being present on facebook and writing stories has been much more important.
And stories I write!
A Bodyguard’s Vacation made it to the virtual bookstores in April 2016, a follow up—book four in the series—will be released this summer. Cover reveal was already done, and advertisement will follow as soon as I’ll know an exact date.
I’ve been busy writing book five, dealing with an assignment in one of the New York State parks, and started on book six, centering on Ryan Griffith, Ethan Mahoney’s best friend, who gets into trouble while visiting his friend in Peru.
The last book has reached more than 100.000 words at the end of May which is a first for this series. I’m not done yet, but within the last chapter, I suppose. It’s not quite clear how much story there is left to write, and in this case, I don’t want to leave readers without a suitable wrapping-up. I don’t consider it fair to end the plot after the main story will be told.
And then there is a book waiting in line with an FBI Agent and his new girlfriend. I wrote in between book five and six and then put it aside for further consideration in due time. Maybe I’ll re-read it during my summer vacation and have it ready for publication in fall.
Meanwhile (and not around teatime), I’ve been riding miles with my horse and spent time in my garden. I already picked the first strawberries of the year! Additionally I try new bread baking recipes now and then. Sometimes I’m astonished at the results. Okay, all of them were edible—some more, some less.

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